My Garden and Greenhouse 2

The problem at this time of year, is that the greenhouse is full but the weather is still a bit cold, especially at nights, for putting plants out! Anyway, last week I took the plunge and put out some flowers in a sheltered part of the border! Today I put six more trays in the cold frame as I see the weather is getting a little milder, with a minimum 10 degrees C forecast for tonight.

My Coleus seeds are coming along nicely (one of my favourite plants for tubs) and the tomatoes seem to be growing well. I still have my 40 watt heater on at nights, but I notice two of the plants have curled leaves! I never seem to be able to avoid this! I thought is was due to over watering so have been trying to be careful, but perhaps that’s not the problem. Any advice on how to stop this would be appreciated.

We’ve already collected a handful of strawberries from the bag in the greenhouse, and have enjoyed a couple of lettuce. Now that I’ve got some space I’ll try and get some peppers and cucumber planted.

I wish all my fellow amateur  gardeners a good growing season.


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I'm am a married man, a father, grandfather and great grandfather who has been married to Muriel for 62 years. I have worked as an Engineer in the Sugar Business, and as a Manager in the Relief and Development sector. Firstly however, I'm a follower of Jesus Christ and this fact has shaped my life and work.

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